Happy New Year

Hi everyone. I hope you folks had a nice new year and holiday season, if you live in Hawaii…I know you went through torrential rains and loud bombs. I no get why people get enjoyment out of those big bomb sounding fireworks. I get the enjoyment of fireworks in the sky but the bombs…why?

Anyway, without going into too much detail…I had an awful December. A family member had a stroke and we have been adjusting together as a family. The first few days were scary and very touch and go but now we are doing nothing but progressing so I am grateful and relieved. I’ll try my best to post here and there but it’s a bit hard to focus on extra curricular activities at this time.

I’ll end the post with a funny picture I took at work not too long ago. Someone like be funny yah? 🙂

Please take care of yourselves and take care of your health! Mind the ones you hold near and dear as well. Take care.