2 Weeks to Go!

Want to find a way to be productive? I suggest taking classes. To avoid doing my paper yesterday, I was very productive with my other tasks! As long as I am doing something I feel like I am doing okay. My main concern with my paper was that I didn’t have a real direction of where I was going. Last night at about 9:30 pm, I had a stroke of genius (okay maybe not genius) so I started typing away. I wish I was more thoughtful about it because now I just have a whole lot of text that I have to rearrange and edit down which can be even harder. Anyway, something is better than nothing! I woke up early today and it was so chilly! I loved it. I did laundry and here I am updating my blog because I am avoiding my paper once again.

I’m counting down! 2 more weeks to go. I plan to take just one class next semester but it’s going to be heavy material so I’m hoping it can help me concentrate on what I need to learn. Have you folks finished your holiday shopping yet? All I can say is, thank god for Amazon. I can’t wait to start up cooking again. Hope you folks have a wonderful Sunday. Quick random pics…

141207-02I’ve been on a Nigella Lawson watching binge lately (sorry Darren). I actually just leave her on in the background while I do my paper. I don’t pay too much attention, I just like hearing her voice and the jazzy background music. But what I do LOVE is the whisk she uses! It just looks so cool and effective, it’s definitely for a smaller amount of liquid but I’m sure it’s great for gravies, eggs, etc. I found it on Amazon and bought it for about 7 bucks, not a bad deal!

141207-01Butter mochi I made recently. I didn’t realize how many variations there were for butter mochi recipes! This one definitely came out more cake-like which I thought was okay. I liked that it had a good crust on top. I made it as a bribe to my class on our group presentation day…lol. They enjoyed it, it was cleaned out!

You know what I also love about Sundays? My favorite Korean shows are uploaded onto YouTube. I love watching 2 Days 1 Night and The Return of Superman and am so happy KBS provides subtitled shows for free! The Return of Superman is a show about celebrity dads who watch their kids for 48 hours alone, my current favorite is the three triplets and Song Il Gook! This little clip just encapsulates how cute they are. If you’re not patient enough to watch the entire clip, at least watch from 7:25 to watch them fight and make up, it’s just too cute! The whole clip is just too much cute.

4 responses to “2 Weeks to Go!

  1. D

    so so sad….Nigella…seriously….you might wanna do your homework…..goodbye….guess am not gonna follow this blog any longer…

  2. Arlene

    I look forward to your new posts! I hope you power through the rest of your school obligations then have some more free time for blog posts! Good luck!

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