Any Kine Grinds

I should just start a corner of random foods I eat. Just a quick update!


140902-02Looks good ah? It was pretty good. I could do without the carrots. Why did I add them in??

140902-03Look what’s back! Chicken Fries at Burger King! Gosh, they used to be so good so I was surprised they took them away. They brought them back for a “limited time” maybe this will be their McRib Sandwich.

P.S. I did bring the caramel apple oreos to work and the office practically ate it all! In fact, it’ll probably be gone tomorrow…ha!

Happy September!

September! You know what that means right? Autumn! I consider this officially autumn and while Hawaii does not have seasons as much as I would like, I will still enjoy it and look forward to the holiday season. I was walking through Target the other night and noticed a new variety of Oreos. Is it bad to say that I half bought it to share the results with you folks? Ah, you guys are worth it…:)

140901-03This sounded really good when I saw it. I also hadn’t eaten yet so….

140901-04Here they are in the opened glory. How were they? Gosh, I hate to say it but it’s another dud for me. I really wanted to like it but the filling tastes so dang artificial that I can’t like it. The apple was a very weird waxy apple candy like taste…and I guess the caramel part was fine. I couldn’t shake the artificial apple taste from my mouth for a while so that bothered me a bit. This all could just be me. I hope my co-workers will like it better than I did.

So how did I spend my three day weekend? While I did have productive spurts here and there with housework – I mainly locked myself up and studied. As I explained last post, I am taking two courses this semester. So far, one course is super on it with the syllabus and assignments. The other…I don’t know yet. No syllabus and no assignments just yet. I spent all weekend reading up chapters (reading not necessarily understanding). Status update? Right now I have finished my assignment for this week and just finished the reading for next week. I plan to continue though. I also have to start thinking about the papers and projects we have to do.

140901-01My Saturday. Book open. Huge cup of coffee. Netflix sponsored fireplace. It’s awesome. It has a holiday version, plain crackling fire version and a easy listening version. LOL. I love it. You know what my brother asked me? Is there a season 2? Hahaha insane.

140901-02This is how everything looked yesterday. This was after I made a trip to Target to up my studying supplies. This is very similar to how things looked today. I hope you folks are all having a great three day weekend!