Any Kine Grinds

I should just start a corner of random foods I eat. Just a quick update!


140902-02Looks good ah? It was pretty good. I could do without the carrots. Why did I add them in??

140902-03Look what’s back! Chicken Fries at Burger King! Gosh, they used to be so good so I was surprised they took them away. They brought them back for a “limited time” maybe this will be their McRib Sandwich.

P.S. I did bring the caramel apple oreos to work and the office practically ate it all! In fact, it’ll probably be gone tomorrow…ha!

5 responses to “Any Kine Grinds

  1. jalna

    7 Eleven never ceases to amaze me. And your working place is like mine . . . they like most anything left on the lounge table to share.

    • N

      I learned from another food blog to try the curry Doria they are selling for $4.99 – totally excellent. The Turmeric Rice is infused with flavor and it is filling for a big eater for me. The spaghetti style I read is not that good but this one was broke da mouth and a very cheap dinner.

      • Jenny

        I tried the Doria! Unfortunately the one I had was cold and didn’t heat through properly even though I followed instructions. I may try it again one day! I had the chicken alfredo spaghetti yesterday – not bad at all!

  2. Arlene

    Lately, 7-11’s been coming out with some pretty tasty items. I’ve tried both the curry doria (definitely needs to be heated at least a minute or two longer than the recommended heating time) and the ginger chicken cold noodles, so refreshing! They just came out with a garlic shrimp plate, have you seen it? I’m kind of wary of that one, though since the shrimp are bound to be overcooked under the heating lamp…but who knows?!

    • Jenny

      Oh my gosh, we are trying all the same things!~ Yeah, I’m going to have to get the Doria again next time since the first time I had it…the rice was cold and hard. 🙁 I did see the garlic shrimp plate but like you…hesitated. My favorite is still the dynamite salmon bento. The salmon is not dry because of the dynamite topping.

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