Honey Glazed Hams of Hawaii – Honolulu, HI

Honey Glazed Hams of Hawaii is located so close to my work place but I only tried their deli sandwiches for the first time maybe two months ago? Wild right? And guess what? I loved it. Simple deli menu but it really shows you how good quality deli meats can really elevate a sandwich. I’ve always just bought the packaged deli meats in stores, is it worth it to go to their deli counters to get the meats there??

Anyway, this store is also so cute because it’s like a little craft fair in the store! So many cute little products. I hate their parking lot lol so that’s the only caveat. If you come on a weekday during off-peak hours, it’s not too bad!

Turkey Pesto Melt | $9.95
smoked turkey breast, pesto mayo, melted provolone cheese with tomatoes on white bread

I know this sandwich may not look like much but it was packed full of flavor. Oh so good, highly recommend!

Portuguese Bean Soup

I got this with the sandwich as a combo. Would not recommend. I love myself some portuguese bean soup but ho….this was salty! Maybe it was that day? I don’t know. I’m willing to give it one more try but yes, salty. Also I have a coworker who makes the best ever portuguese bean soup so it’s hard for me to like others as much but well…I can tell if something is too salty…

I am posting the menu that was up in the store when I visited but it looks like their prices have gone up so please refer to their website for the most updated prices. I didn’t see the different combos on the website listing so I wanted to post this anyway.

I also tried their Honey Glazed Ham sandwich, sorry I didn’t get a pic of it but that was so good too. Nice thick slices of tender ham. Man, I wanna go back again soon!