Bad Day

Hi folks. I hope you don’t mind me venting a bit in this post. I just had a terrible day and I almost feel like I need someone to show me there is still good left in the world. I’ll provide an answer before the question pops into your mind. No, I do not have PMS. Hahaha. I have been super stressed at work and I think it could explain why I am maybe a bit hyper sensitive now. Anyway, I had a pretty junk day at work and it followed me home. I am making a batch of fresh haupia for an office event tomorrow and had everything all ready to go. It was simmering away when I decide to taste it. HO THE SALTY. Can you guess what I did? Yes, I used salt instead of sugar. God, I was so upset by then I just wanted for give up.

Well I gathered myself up. Dumped the ruined mixture away and headed to Foodland to grab more coconut milk. I got the coconut milk and decided to grab a small box of sugar cause of the salt incident. As I’m grabbing the pack of sugar, one of them is full on leaking. Like even the shelf is a mess. There is a clerk behind me moving things around on a shelf. I wonder to myself, should I be that good samaritan and let her know or ignore it? My back story to this? Everytime I have done a good samaritan deed, it has busted up in my face. I think you know what’s coming. So I turn around to her and say very nicely, I think this sugar is leaking – maybe you want to take it off the shelf? She glares at me and then proceeds to put it back on the shelf. Yeah, seriously. So I just turn around and say okay and walk away. As I’m walking away, I can totally hear her muttering something at me (I couldn’t hear the exact words). I sure as hell didn’t want to stay in the store any longer after that. Anyway, I was so damned upset as I drove home. I am still upset now. Just bad experiences with people is tearing my spirit down today. It doesn’t help that I still have the taste of salted coconut milk in my mouth..haha.

I hope to make a successful haupia recipe tonight – I have never made fresh haupia before so we will see how it turns out. Hope you all are having a better day than me.

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  1. Anon

    So sorry to hear your day was bad…but don’t let it get to you . I deal with stress daily and know how things go from bad to worse. But perhaps taking another perspective might help. More reason to go out and eat !!!!;) Life hands us many challenges but its up to us how to respond but we cannot expect the same of others…bc it will only end up disappointing yourself. Be happy!

    • Jenny

      Thanks Anon. Yes, rewarding with food is something awesome! Hahaha food makes everything better yah. And you’re right, I should accept that what I did was in the right no matter what the outcome was.

  2. jalna

    Awwww Jenny, I don’t have the words to help make you feel better ’cause when stuff like that happens to me it just majorly pi$$e$ me off, and rude people especially push me over the edge. I’m pretty sure that that girl hates her job and probably was having a rotten day herself. If not, and she is just normally like that . . . then oh boy, she has got some major problems. Hope your haupia comes out supah, supah ono! And even if it doesn’t, I know that your coworkers are gonna love it that you tried to make it for them.

    • Jenny

      We are totally on the same page. I can’t stand when people are rude for no reason. I just feel like her response was totally irrational anyhow, what can I do? Hope she gets what’s coming to her. Karma was. Haha! And yes! The haupia came out good! Thankfully it set…was pretty thick too! 🙂

  3. Foodluva

    Oh MaybeitsJenny it sounds like you had quite a day. The world needs good Samaritans so please don’t lose your good intentions. And that haupia? Thank goodness you tasted it! I give you props for the do-over. Hang in there and know that you’ve got lotsa folks who appreciate YOU!

    • Jenny

      Thanks ah Foodluva. Appreciate the nice words. Yah, really. If I didn’t taste it..would have had a lot of salty faces at work today. 🙂

  4. N

    No good deed goes unpunished. I am getting more bitchy as I get older opposite of the way us locals are raised to shut up and turn the other cheek. I find that venting at the right person makes me feel fab. I told a man at the dog park whose pit bull was attacking my dog to F* off. I have never ever said that outloud to anyone. I still feel good about it.

    If that gal mouthed to me I would have said to her what did you say and say it to my face. Then I’d have gone to the customer service and register a complaint AND wrote them an email.

    Yea, don’t mess with me. Now there is a time and place for it. I try to keep in mind that just cuz someone else is having a $hitty day doesn’t mean they are entitled to pass it on to me.

    But there are times you gotta stand up for yourself and time to stand down and only you know which is which.

    I know when I’m in the dumps for whatever reason, I try to focus on all that I have rather than what I don’t have. If it’s work I try to focus on the good stuff.

    Only time and your heart will help you heal from it. Good luck and God Bless -N

    • Jenny

      Hi N. Although I hate that saying because it’s just so negative, I can’t help but feel like it’s true most of the time. So what happened with the guy and his dog? What was his reaction?

      You know what I’m waiting for? Silver fox status. I think when I get older, I gonna be grumpy and won’t care what happens. I like be the old lady that doesn’t take sh*t from anyone. LOL

      I think this time, her reaction was so irrational. I don’t feel like she can be reasoned with. Those are the people who I can’t understand – irrational ones. Thanks for the supportive words, N. I appreciate it! I had a much better day today. Will continue to live in aloha…

  5. N

    I’ve reached the silverhair status and that is why I am quite sassy and combative. Most of the time I’m nice or try to be but if the wrong button gets pushed *boom* we are gonna tangle.

    I actually yelled at the man to get outta the dog park, take his aggressive dog and get the f* outta there. And surprisingly he did. He was with about 4 other ppl and they all left. Of course everyone else in the park was giving me stink eye or act like they know nuthin’ but I didn’t care. I wouldn’t see any of them again and I haven’t.

    Say what you will of and to me, but don’t you ever ever dare to hurt MY dog. I WILL take you down. Ats why I carry pepper spray and a small hunting knife in my dog walk bag. I’ve used the pepper spray on dogs attacking my small dog. Lived in Waipahu before, and cuz of ppl who live there I really became an old lady thug. lol. You get exposed to the underbelly of life.

    Everyone processes stress in their own way and I hope you find one that hellps you. I found that exercising made me more angry cuz I dwell on it more, however when I garden I totally forget everything. Maybe cooking or thinking of recipes may be your outlet -N

    • Jenny

      Hey N. I give you props…but thanks for the suggestions of getting a hobby. I would really like something to keep busy and make me feel better…I wonder what it could be…

  6. Arlene

    Jenny, I hope your haupia turned out good. It’s really nice of you to make something from scratch for your office. Lots of people just buy something. I think getting something homemade is a real treat and it really improves your day.

    The Foodland thing was weird. Hard to say why she did that, but maybe she just wasn’t intellectually capable of dealing with stuff like that, even though it’s a really simple thing.

    I hope the rest of your week goes well and you manage to stay positive. Only two more days until the weekend!

    • Jenny

      Hi Arlene! Thanks! I always try to make my recipes when I can…I just like seeing their reaction (if they’re good of course!). The haupia came out good! Real thick but the taste was really good. I would share the recipe but…it was really weird cause I just did whatever. Maybe though!

      Thanks for commenting. Still don’t wanna go to that Foodland but it hasn’t turned me against Foodland! I still go to the other locations…hehe

  7. Anon

    It’s heartwarming to see that others share their concern,but there will be times the apathy of others can be just as hurtful as the incident itself. Take it as a lesson ….and know there are going to be many days that don’t go well,but know you are capable of overlooking it.

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