Cold Weather!

See what happens when I don’t schedule out posts?  I apologize.  Last week was just a cluster of things that happened so I couldn’t update my blog.  I apologize!  I don’t apologize for you having to see portuguese sausage all week long because that’s the best sausage in the world.  Haha…just kidding.  I really am sorry.  How did you folks like the weekend’s weather?  I personally like cold and rainy weather so I LOVED it.  Luckily the rain dried up today so I was able to hang out my laundry.  Three day weekend – I hope everyone had a good one.  I attended an awesome 1st birthday party and like totally cleaned up my place!  I’ve been staring at my old desktop for years and finally sat down and tore that sucker open to grab my hard drive.  It was a struggle but I got it!  Best Buy takes in computers for free recycling, isn’t that great?  So I dropped it off…then I hammered the life out of my hard drive this morning.  This is one crazy post.  I’m going to work on some updates tonight for posting!  For now, please enjoy a picture from Korea.


2 responses to “Cold Weather!

  1. matsu

    Hey Jenny! Love your posts! Look forward to it everyday! Found good kim chee from you!

    Keep us the posts, we’re counting on you!

    • jenny

      Thanks matsu for the wonderful comment! Comments definitely keep my posting morale up! You tried the kimchee from Costco?? I’m out of kimchee so I need to get more…I hope they still have it! Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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