Costco BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

Ohhh…I recently tried the new Costco BBQ Brisket Sandwich. Bugga was gooood. Bugga is also one of the pricier (if not priciest) snack bar items at $4.99. Was it good? Take a look!

140415-01It’s a big sandwich. Pretty neat how they put it together. You can see all the yummy but unhealthy juices oozing out from the sandwich. The ring does a good job of keeping the sandwich together but fuhgeddaboudit when you start eating…





140415-04So how was it? It was very good! Definitely hit the spot. I’m not a fan of cole slaw but I enjoyed theirs. It’s more creamy than tangy so I thought it complimented the BBQ brisket very well. Delish! I’m really glad Costco is adding more variety to their menu. Give it a try!


4 responses to “Costco BBQ Beef Brisket Sandwich

  1. jalna

    Whoa, that looks good, but it looks like I would have to make like a snake and unhinge my jaw to eat it! LOL!

  2. Arlene

    It looks pretty big and filling and yummy! That’s definitely a knife and fork sandwich for me. I hate getting my hands messy when eating.

    • Hey Arlene! Yes! Very big and filling indeed! I gotta say, it’s not a sandwich to eat in public cause of how messy it is…but I braved it because of my hunger. And luckily I had wet ones in my purse. Hehe

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