Day off – North Shore, HI

So as I have mentioned before, I was super stressed in December with a lot of different projects at work.  When my final project was complete, I totally took a vacation the day after.  Since I was taking the day off, I wanted to make it a productive one and I certainly think I did!  We drove out to Wahiawa to try Sunny Side Bakery, then up to the North Shore to get shrimp for lunch.  The day ended with dinner and a movie, while that included a lot of “doing,” I felt completely relaxed!  Let me share some pictures!

140109-01Pupukea Beach Park.  There was a guy sitting up front forever which ruined all our shots.  I finally got this when he left…hehe.

140109-02Oops, I’ll share my breakfast at Sunny Side in another post!  Here was our lunch!  Romy’s is my favorite, hands down.

140109-03I usually get the number 5 with prawns but they didn’t have too many prawns that day so I had to settle for number 4.  The prawns that comes in the number 5 are HUGE.  But these did the trick for now.

140109-04Butter and Garlic Shrimp – number 1 plate.  Look at all that garlic.  That’s how life should be.  Garlic filled.  Delicious as always.

140109-05Connie’s shave ice.  LOL…she really wanted sprinkles so we asked for it.  The owner was definitely taken aback but did it (well we paid for it so why would she say no right?).  Connie loved it with sprinkles.  I doubt you can find many shave ice places with sprinkles ready as a topping…lol


  1. lance says:

    Next time you’re up north, try Papa Ole’s Kitchen in Hau’ula. I think you’ll like it. I love their pulehu thick-cut short ribs med-rare. Very nice and friendly place.

  2. jenny says:

    Oh it’s in the same lot as Tamura’s! Thanks for sharing the website, I just took a look at the ribs and they look so delicious! I’ll definitely have to get out there sooner than later!

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