Homemade Ahi Poke

I have never made ahi poke before, I leave that to the professionals.  For this particular post, I decided to make a rendition of an ahi poke dish I tried in a restaurant.  I can’t remember where I tried this poke, but if anyone recalls where it might be – please let me know.  This ahi poke is very light on seasoning, if you’ve had ahi poke in Hawaii – I think you see that a lot of times they can be pretty saucy; like me.  😛

Anyhow, for this dish – the seasoning is minimal.  I don’t have the exact ingredients I used but I do remember creating a ginger infused oil for this dish.  Then I added some onions, cucumbers, tomatoes, ahi and probably just a touch of soy and salt.  I even plated it…too sad that I don’t remember what’s in it!



Yum.  Can someone invest money for me to run a restaurant?  Or a food truck?  Anyone?

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2 responses to “Homemade Ahi Poke

  1. Foodluva

    What a beautiful plate ~ makes the ahi look so delish!

  2. jenny

    Thanks foodluva! Yes, the plate indeed did make the dish all the more delish. 🙂

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