Homemade Korean Goodies

Hey folks. As I write this, I am at home hacking up a storm. I am coughing and my nose is like a dripping faucet. Sorry for the TMI – so while my brain is somewhat lucid, I don’t think my coworkers would appreciate me spreading germs at work. Yesterday was definitely the worst of it, I must have slept all day. I hope that today is the end to the worst of it. Hope you all are doing well! I heard the flu is going around so take care of yourself! Luckily, I think I only have a cold. Anyway, I wanted to share some banchan I got to try from my friend. This stuff was brought straight from Korea (don’t ask me how) from her in-laws. How lucky am I to get to try it? Very!

140310-03Here is the kimchee. Um. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I am a kimchee freak. I couldn’t really eat this. It was already very old and sour…and I think if you eat it, you will have to make it into some kind of pork stirfry or stew. I hope the kimchee is still good, I still have it but haven’t been able to eat it!


140310-02Garlic! Check this out. My friend said that they use specially bought garlic…which are huge…and DELICIOUS. I don’t know how they made this but it had no raw taste! It was very crunchy and delicious. And how did they find garlic without the inner root?? Oh wait, do I just use junk garlic? Hehe…anyone know what this garlic is called in Korean?

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