Hong Kong Mixed Plate

This was a brand new ice cream from Japan that they sold in Hong Kong supermarkets and of course 7-11. Hong Kong has a lot of Japanese offerings! So what’s so special about this ice cream? Shucks, I wish I had taken a picture of the contents! This is ice cream with mochi balls…and the mochi balls were soft! How do they do it? I tried the Hokkaido Azuki Mochi and it was delicious. If you have a chance, give it a try!

The sushi and sashimi is so cheap in Hong Kong supermarkets – we got this sashimi and sushi set from Market Place by Jasons. The quality was superb and the price was very affordable for the quality.

The next few pictures are from the Hong Kong Lego Store. I was amazed by the lego sculptures of Hong Kong! I am a lover of miniatures and the detail put into these structures is insane. Please view them in awe with me.

Last pic is just of a random night market. One of those night markets you are supposed to haggle prices with…my cousin did pretty well with it. I’m not much of a haggler but then I also don’t buy much…haha.

4 responses to “Hong Kong Mixed Plate

  1. jalna

    The ice cream! O=M=G!!

  2. When I used to go to Hong Kong, I would haggle over everything. They say $10, I would say $7. Then my Hong Kong friend would tell me that if it was already a low price ($10HK is only about $1.20 US) then don’t haggle.

    Ha! Now I don’t haggle at all.Even at the swap meet or collectible show. I just pause and wait, and if they lower the price, then I buy it.

    • Jenny

      I gotta learn some haggling skills from you Aunty! But smart, just pausing and making the vendors do the work. When my cousin walked away and the lady kept yelling out lower prices, that was hilarious…and it worked!

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