Hong Kong Style Breakfast

Hey folks! Time to dig into my archives and share some travel photos. This is from my trip to Hong Kong a few years back. I wanted to share a few different breakfasts we had. It’s really interesting to see how global chains adjust their menus to suit the taste of their customers. Hong Kong is really cool because it’s such a good mix of both East and West food and cultures. I’ll share more pictures of Hong Kong soon!


140827-02Macaroni is a pretty big part of breakfast menus in Hong Kong. Macaroni in a broth/soup.

140827-03Sample of the Western influence – very English breakfast set-up.

140827-04This is breakfast from KFC. Yes, their KFC is open for breakfast. This is a combo that includes a roast chicken thigh, egg and hash brown. The container? You guessed it. Macaroni in chicken broth.

140827-05Coffee with KFC brand sugar…lol. I’m sorry I didn’t get to try their Flava Crava Meal.



140827-08Breakfast at McDonald’s is very similar to the restaurants in the U.S. I think they also have macaroni in soup but I was pretty tired of it by then. Their food tastes very similar to the American counterpart. KFC in China tastes way better than the U.S.

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