I’m here I’m here…!

Parked in Manoa and came back to pretty flowers on my car…looked better in person lol

Sorry about the unintended break! I’ve just been super busy the past two weeks so I haven’t had time to properly post. Hoping to get back into it next week. I’m also super excited to be going to Vegas in a few weeks! Need to get off this rock! And share the good eats from Vegas of course! Hope you’re all doing well!

6 responses to “I’m here I’m here…!

  1. Kat

    haven’t been to vegas in ages, looking forward to your posts

  2. vickinags

    missed you. haven’t been to Vegas for years ever since I decided Japan was cheaper, better food, better sights. A little twinge of “what if” but nah…..LOL

    • Jenny

      Thanks V, always motivated to post for you folks! Japan is cheaper?? I used my miles to travel to Vegas this time so it’s cheaper so far lol. I’ll check out Vegas for you so you can see if it’s worth it haha

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