Japan 2015 Day 2 – Tokyo Skytree

Our first full day in Tokyo! We didn’t have much planned for this day. The two days after this would be all Disney all day. We also didn’t have our JR passes yet so it wasn’t a day for jumping in and out of the trains or subways. I woke up super early this morning because we slept early the night before knackered from the flight.

I woke up, took a shower, did a small load of laundry because I have a thing about the clothes I wear on airplanes. We decided to go to the Tokyo Skytree on the Asakusa subway line to Oshiage. Did we go up the actually Skytree? Nope. That costs money. Hahaha, so we checked out the SUPER AWESOME mall attached to the Skytree. The mall is called Tokyo Solamachi, perfect mall to start off with.



150407-04This is a quick shot of their food court. I will share the food from this meal tomorrow. I was just amazed by how clean their food court was. The Japanese are serious business in cleanliness. There was an attendant cleaning up after every person finished, they also had a great water station. You know what I noticed about cleaning attendants as well? They were always greeting people and welcoming them onto the floor, not avoiding contact like they do here you know?

150407-05A Studio Ghibli store! Very cute but I didn’t buy anything. I have enough Totoro stuff and it’s pricey!

150407-06I didn’t go up the Skytree but check out this cool shot I got from the patio area! I love it! And the patio area is great for kids. They had all sorts of physical games for kids to play…so lucky! Day 2 food post coming tomorrow!

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