Japan 2015 Day 4 – Food!

Ah yes! The long-awaited final Tokyo Disneyland food post. So sorry it’s taken a bit longer to update these…these posts are definitely more time consuming than my usual posts! It’s been hard to sit down and concentrate lately, lots going on. I didn’t eat as much as I did at DisneySea (thank god) but we still got a lot of good eats in! The biggest surprise at Disneyland? Well, remember how I told you that there was an ice cream cart every five steps at DisneySea? Ice cream was a lot harder to find at Disneyland! I was surprised by that. But that’s okay because I ended up finding the Toy Story alien mochi balls I wanted and they were everything! I should have gotten a second serving…lol. Let’s get to it!

150422-01Breakfast. LOL, we just really wanted some regular hot dogs. So here we were! Sorry, I had to giggle at this sign. Yes, I am an adult.

150422-02Ratatouille Hot Dog Set, this was like almost $10. Dorothy, we’re not at Costco anymore…

150422-03So what is a Ratatouille Hot Dog? It’s just a regular hot dog with tomato sauce and pesto drizzle…oh and chunks of zucchini! It was okay, I think I would just grab a regular hot dog next time.

150422-05Just wanted to get a cute picture of a menu. I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t get anything. If I were to order, I would have gotten the Tapioca Drink – no question. And of course the roasted chicken on a Chinese bun. Too cute.

150422-06The alien mochi balls! They were SO good. Very very very soft mochi skin filled with different flavor creams.

150422-07Strawberry (the best one)

150422-08Vanilla/Custard – good!

150422-09Chocolate! Ahhh…I wish I could eat these again. They were perfection.

Our lunch was at an expensive buffet restaurant called, Crystal Palace Restaurant. A bit pricey at $25 but in the end, it was actually a super good deal for Disney standards. It gave us a comfortable place to sit for about 2 hours and we had unlimited access to food and drinks. We could easily spend $25 ala carte in the park for much less.

150422-10How cute is this plate! Round 1. The variety isn’t that great but the food was good enough.

150422-11So this was the special for the day. It was a sausage….on a chicken bone? It was so weird. I mean, they really had to clean up these chicken bones to use as a stick for the sausage. And then it makes you wonder where the meat of the chicken is…because I don’t know if it was in the sausage. The sausage tasted pork-ish.

150422-12I got creative and got the soup bowl to make a curry and rice bowl. Easier to eat this way.

150422-13Round Two. Hahaha I guess I liked the spaghetti and fish. Actually the fish thing is still going on even now, I wouldn’t mind some fish and chips right about now.

150422-14Oh Jesus. Round Three! I needed to get this to get a picture of the carrot.

150422-15I got my Mickey face!

150422-16Dessert was fresh fruit and jelly. Knowing the price for fresh fruit in Japan – this was a treat!


150422-17I talked about the popcorn in my past post. The popcorn mania in Japan is beyond. Everyone had a bucket around their neck – it was like a cult. A cult that I joined. I knew I wanted the classic Mickey bucket but I needed to find my popcorn flavor. It was fate this day. I found the Mickey Bucket with the Shoyu Butter flavor. My mind was made up. How was the popcorn? It was good! Nice and fresh. The seasoning was like instant ramen MSG…lol. I gotta say, the popcorn stayed relatively fresh. I even like transferred some into a ziploc bag to bring home and it didn’t taste too bad when I got home. Disney really knows how to make money. Everyone definitely bought into this craze. There was no line at the orange marmalade flavor stand which I can understand behind completely (blech!).

We ate a pretty late lunch so we actually ended up eating dinner at a restaurant in the Ikspiari Mall. I didn’t realize it was a Disney owned mall and I LOVE that mall. I will share the dinner posts and some thoughts on the mall in my next post!

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