Japan 2015 Day 7 – Tsukiji and Akihabara

First things first, I had to take Kristian to Tsukiji. You just gotta. We tried to stay within the Yamanote line so we got off at the closest station and had to walk over to Tsukiji. It was quite a walk but I don’t mind walking long distances in cold weather. In fact, I love it.


150625-02After the walk that felt like forever, we finally got to Tsukiji. The last time I came to Tsukji, I didn’t even eat sushi. Funny yeah? This time, we had to eat sushi! Sushi Dai is the one that has a super long line. Like wrapped around different buildings type of line, hours of wait kind of line. We didn’t exactly want to stand in line for hours so we settled for second best, Daiwa Sushi. Don’t get us wrong, this place is busy too. I think we wait for about an hour. It was uncomfortable and the sushi bar was TIGHT. Like super tight. Kristian was nice enough to give me the seat against the wall, thank god.


150625-04My view for an hour


150625-06All tourists like us get the omakase. It was a good choice. It’s so rushed and I hate to say it, commercial there. Just didn’t feel like a great experience. I rather go to a hole in the wall versus a super popular place.


150625-08I should have waited for all the sushi to come out. But I felt like I hate to eat thinks quickly. This place was also kind of dirty compared to other Japan dining establishments…anyhow, there isn’t much else to do at Tsukiji so we decided to head out to Akihabara afterwards. Akihabara is known as the Electric City, they have all the electronics, games, cell phones, etc. you need.


150625-10Gosh, my feet were hurting again this day. We went around but I wasn’t planning on buying much. I regret it now, I wish I looked into buying an original nintendo. Ah, I probably would have played it once and stopped. We went to a store called Labi¬†and that store is levels upon levels! I have never seen so much cell phone cases in my life and yet somehow, I never bought one! Crazy huh? Maybe I wasn’t in the mood.

After a whole bunch of walking around, we headed to the local McDonald’s for an afternoon treat. Just a small snack.



I think Japan is the only place that has teriyaki burgers other than Hawaii yeah?

150625-13STRAWBERRY PIE. I REPEAT, STRAWBERY PIE. Sorry, it is so good. I wish I could have another one. I did have another one during this trip, it was that good. Kristian bought a Japanese PS Vita, how fun! Then we decided to pick up dinner from the grocery store across the street from our apartment. I gotta say, we were hitting up convenience stores before this night and discovered this grocery store way too late! Their prices were great and they had great variety. They had a salmon nigiri set for like 3 bucks, great quality too! Ahh…I miss Japan food.


I don’t usually post pictures of my brothers here but since this is super old, why not. I just wanted to wish my brother Jensen a happy 8th birthday! I hope you’re having a great time in China!

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