Japchae Hotteok

Just wanted to share a quick update with one my favorite things from my trip to Korea.  I saw many pictures of the original hotteok which I wasn’t interested in, I’m a fan of savory over sweet.  When we visited Namdaemun, our wonderful guide led us to a very popular hotteok stand which sold AMAZING japchae hotteok.  I am drooling just thinking about it.  They fry it up fresh, stick it in a cup and pour some special sauce over it.  The sauce was like a sweet marinade, looked like the type of marinade you would use for kalbi.  You must try this if you go to Korea!


2 responses to “Japchae Hotteok

  1. Arlene

    That looks yummy, starch on starch is my favorite combo. Is the batter more fritter-y like tempura or bread-y? Either way it’s making me want to take a trip to Korea.

    • Jenny

      Oh it was so delicious! I really hope you get to try it. I would say the batter is almost like a really crispy mochi texture but also a bit flaky because of how perfectly fried it is. Ah and I also believe that if it isn’t eaten fresh, it will become a greasy blob.

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