Mixed Plate

MEAT LOAF. I know this is considered whatever kine food for people but I really enjoy it and find it comforting. I also like the making of the meat loaf. I love putting all the ingredients together in the bowl in a pretty way and then mixing it. Looks good ah? Well not delicious good, just good good.

Meat Loaf, Rice and…can you guess what the yellow and red thing is? It’s a bit shameful actually…

I found a recipe online for a quick elote corn. Um, don’t do that. First off, I didn’t have lime, only lemon so that was a big mistake on my part. And crushed up flaming hot cheetos on top? What was I thinking? Don’t follow any kine recipe okay? Next time I will leave out the cheetos, find some limes…and make it GOOD.

Okay let’s move to something I am proud of. Look at this refreshing and absolutely delicious watermelon dessert I made! I drew inspiration from this video, he made it look so good. I had to improvise. I found mini seedless watermelons from Costco. Bought some strawberry popping boba from Don Q and the scene was set! Balled up some melon, crushed up the leftover flesh to create watermelon juice. Poured the juice back into the melon shell, added the balled melon on top…topped it with condensed milk and then the popping boba. Sugar bomb? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely yes!

3 responses to “Mixed Plate

  1. jalna

    1) The first photo IS very pretty.
    2) Interesting take on corn.
    3) Didn’t know watermelon came that small.

  2. Nanako Hew

    oooh share your meatloaf recipe – I love meatloaf and always looking for tried and true recipes-N

  3. kat

    everything looks yummy!

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