Mixed Plate

Time to bring back mixed plate posts! Happy Aloha Friday!

This is very much part of being my friend. I found this online and had to get it for my friend’s birthday. If you haven’t seen it…the box actually contains air to blow up the balloon (not helium) so you make the giftee press the big red button and it blows up the balloon. Do you know what OLD AF means? One of the waitresses actually asked me what it meant and I couldn’t bring myself to give her the answer…until her coworker came by and said it straight out (Ha!).

So OLD AF means…Old as F**k. My friend and I just love ribbing each other on age. We are the same age but he likes calling me noona when my birthday comes and I am a few months older than him. Haha…I loved embarrassing him in the restaurant. Was WELL WORTH THE COST.

Saw this online the other week and thought it was pretty cool. I guess if you already have these kind spices in your cabinet, you can just make your own seasoning mixes! I also found it interesting to know what is actually in these mixes! Handy key.

Another neat TikTok recipe. Doesnt it sound refreshing? So easy too. I bought a bottle of sprite (either 20 oz or 16 oz) and stuck two tea bags into the bottle…closed the lid and place it in the fridge to “marinate.” I think I did it for two days and yes, the sprite turns into a nice light golden color. No bitterness at all from the tea bags…added some lemon slices and voila…black tea sprite. So good!!

Okay this one is a bit of a tip and secret. I don’t know about you guys but I was sweating it out finding clorox wipes (still hard to find!). I’ve lucked out twice so far at Costco…when I was there and they had a small pallet out.

I’ve been watching Amazon and they sell out of the wipes quite easily too. They sell three bottles (versus the five pack at Costco) for about $12.00, not as great as a deal as Costco but I will take what I can find. Well let me tell you, they sell it in these soft packs too for the same price and amount. For some reason, people snap up the canisters but these soft packs have been available this whole time. Here’s the link to it if you want to purchase some for yourself: click here.

6 responses to “Mixed Plate

  1. jalna

    LOL. Love the balloon!

  2. vickinags

    Uuuu, that tea sounds good! I wonder if it would be good with sparkling water, so I can cut down on sugar.

  3. Arlene

    Hahaha, I love your balloon; I’m glad you & your friend are “aging gracefully.” I want to try the black tea sprite; it sounds refreshing, but maybe after our semi chilly weather ends. Funny thing I heard is that some British people heat up Pepsi to drink during the winter months?!

  4. Jenny

    Jalna – the best part is how loud it is when the balloon is blowing up in the restaurant…hahaha

    Vicki – Oooh try it with sparkling water and let me know! I trying to cut down on sugar too lol

    Arlene – Hahaha are we aging gracefully? Well he certainly never lets me forget my age EVER. Ooh I’ve been enjoying the weather…no worry I’m sure Hawaii gonna get hot soon enough so please try and let me know how it goes for you! OMG british people, heating up pepsi?? That sounds like just…brown sugar water lol.

  5. kat

    smart to get the soft packed wipes:)

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