Mixed Plate Friday

Oahu Noodle Factory | Wide Egg Noodles

Wanted to make a noodle dish at home and wanted fresh noodles so we went to Oahu Noodle Factory in Kalihi. It’s a great deal and while parking is non-existant (unless you know, let me know) – there is an spot to illegally stop your car in front of their shop and run in and out for. Well I did it…but I would always bring a buddy so I can drive around in a circle if needed. I was in luck today! This bag was about 2 lbs, they were charging $2.50 a pound when I was here.

I saw this online a few months ago and was super curious about it. Someone said Costco would start carrying it but it never came to our Costco so I got it when I saw it at Target. Kind of pricey but curiousity killed the cat. It’s pretty good, definitely can taste the coconut oil but just a hint of it. It tastes pretty okay! I’ve only had it on top of toast.

This Mazemen was on sale at Don Quijote for $3.99 so I gave it a shot. It comes with sauce packets, you cook and drain your noodles and mix it with the sauce packets! You have to add your own toppings. It was pretty good! I would get it again should the craving occur.

Acai Bowl | $12.25

One Saturday morning, I decided to head out to Hawaii Kai after my walk to go to Costco and Ross. Well I was a bit too early for Costco so we decided to head to a little cafe for a smoothie and acai bowl. Goes to show you how much I know, Island Brew Coffeehouse in Hawaii Kai is a totally swinging brunch place during the weekends and it was PACKED. It was raining this day so I just wanted for grab and GET OUT. They are also very pricey. Kind of pricey for this huh? I guess I should get used to it…inflation isn’t leaving anytime soon. Was it good? Sure. It’s an acai bowl. Anyway, I would probably avoid this place next time due to popularity and price.

Can I also just add, Ross Hawaii Kai and Costco Hawaii is the most chill and laid back. And HK Ross has all the cool stuff. Okay, have a good weekend folks!

4 responses to “Mixed Plate Friday

  1. vickinags

    arghhhh, you’re another one who lets out the “secrets” of Costco HK and Ross!
    When I’m early, I like to browse City Mill and Ross. they’re open earlier than Costco so works out good.
    I wonder if they have the zumba workout on Saturday too. They have it Sunday morning so if you get there when class finishes, lots of participants rush the coffee shops.

  2. kat

    most businesses in kalihi have junk parking yeah?! glad you got your noodles:)

  3. Jus a min....

    Its not illegal to park in front…they painted a special hub to park.

    Another choice is the fake hmart lot.
    No problem to run over…
    Just pu some kim chee..lol

  4. I only go to Hawaii Kai Costco. The Iwilei one is like so threatening – like people are nuts in the parking lot and then they are nuts inside with their shopping carts.

    Noodles look good! I love noodles, especially fat ones. I used to get mine from Lam’s Kitchen downtown – I think it was $1.50/lb but the price must have gone up. A couple of doors up there is a Vietnamese restaurant (forgot the name) that sells shrimp/garlic rice paper strips for $5 in a plastic tub. Nice snack or you can add it to soup at the end and it flavors the broth.

    Now I want to eat noodles!

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