I was going to update with a quick food post today but I just had to share my day. I’ve been having not so great days lately, and it’s nothing specific going on – I just feel like I’m in a slump. Anyhow, I drove home today from work and as I approached the driveway to my house (it’s a shared driveway between different houses) – there were two Pacific Islander kids blocking the driveway. It was a sister and brother I assume, both must have been under the age of 10. They were blocking the lane but as I turned in, they moved off to the side. I look to the back and see the boy calling me the B word. This young kid. I stopped my car and got out. I usually do this anyway. I stop my car and get out to get our mail. The two kids were standing there. I’m looking at both in the eyes and you can tell the boy has a guilty but naughty ridden look on his face.

What did I end up doing? Well. I nicely said hi to both of them to which they both said hi as well. I asked how they were going and the sister and brother both say they are okay, the sister friendlier. I grab my mail, close the mailbox and wish them both a good night and she tells me, you too. I drive off and as I’m parking, I see they are both watching me. Not sure what to make of that but fine. What does one do in that scenerio anyway? I could have reacted poorly because I know for a fact the boy called me the b word, but what would that accomplish? Nothing. Might as well kill a person with kindness and hope they will pay it forward in the future. What happened certainly ruined my night but I feel good in how I handled it and in the end, I don’t feel anger – just a bit of sadness. You never know what people are going through in their lives to make them lash out the way they do.

I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday and weekend! Here’s a picture I took when I took a hike up the Makapuu Trail.


10 responses to “Rant

  1. jalna

    There have been times when I’ve snapped at people, and never, ever have I ended up feeling good about it. I’m glad you reacted how you did, Jenny. Good for you.

  2. Anon .com

    You are so thoughtful and introspective to have treated the situation like this, although yelling can be stress relieving too!;) with the kids being on your premises , a negative reaction may have had a consequence to your car or property.

    • Yes, agree Anon! If you knew me, you’d know that I yell all the time already…hehehe. Thanks for the reminder about property and car, you’re right! They could easily lash out in worst ways.

  3. Arlene

    You set a good example for them; good for you, Jenny.

  4. Foodluva

    Big heart, a lot of compassion, and managing emotions…thank you for the reminder.

  5. He was just being a stupid pre adolescent chest banger with a new word, and you were being a lady. He probably felt bad and learned a valuable lesson.
    Btw, I’ve been called worse, lol.

    • Thanks Aunty! I do hope he did learn a lesson as well. I know that things that happened to me as a kid helped shape me to who I am today. Also, I’ve been called way worst too…lol

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