Recipe: Cheese Meatballs

Do you folks follow those recipe video pages on Facebook? They make the recipes look so easy and the videos are so short! I follow Cookat and I know it’s a Korean based video company and they make some yummy looking food. Koreans have been into cheesy everything lately and this recipe is no different. I want to get bigger skewers like the video has but I can’t find any in person…and I’m just going to eat it anyway so I did away with the skewers. Here are some pictures, link to their recipe and video follows below.


Meatball mixture ready to be mixed, rounded and cooked!

160727-02Here are the meatballs ready to go. I bought a fresh mozzarella ball and cut them into squares for these meatballs.

160727-03Sizzling away…look at the cheese coming through the cracks! That’s a mistake but isn’t it a lovely mistake to look at?

160727-04They use bleu cheese dressing on the balls in the video. I used some ranch but really dressing is not needed. The sauce you make for the meatballs is good seasoning enough.

Recipe: Cookat: Cheese Meatball Skewer

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  1. jalna

    Looks totally yummy!

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