Recipe: Origami Onigiri

How do I title this post? This is quite embarassing. I am huge on TikTok videos and I have been making choke recipes based on videos I have watched. I don’t really want to name my posts after TikToks so I’m just going to cop to it when I’m writing out the posts. This one is old now but if you have been on TikTok, you saw the origami posts. First it was with a tortilla that you cut up and then fold strategically.

I didn’t take step by step photos of my folding up my tortillas but this is what I have been packing up for lunch almost daily. It’s so much easier to eat right when I have food ready to go. It’s much too tempting when I have to go out to eat.

Well, before you know it, Asians came through and came up with the origami onigiri which of course is superior. Check it out.

Yes! Okay, I go show the step by step with this one.

I don’t know if you can tell but you cut a line in the bottom middle of the nori…

Fold the left bottom section up…

Then you fold the left part to the right…

And then fold it down and you got em…ready to eat. I’ve learned since then as I mastered this for tortillas that it’s actually better to fold both bottom sides up and then fold them together.

Play with the ingredients! Who wouldn’t want egg in their spam musubi? Enjoy!

10 responses to “Recipe: Origami Onigiri

  1. vickinags

    LOL I’ve tried making these and made a huge mess. I think I try to put too much stuffing.
    Inspired to try again! Thanks!

  2. jalna

    I want some of that musubi!!!!

  3. Arlene

    Yours looks so tasty! I think it’s the teriyaki (?) glazed spam that makes me drool. It looks easier & tidier to eat than the traditional way of making spam musubi where the rice smooshes out. Throw in another slice of spam for a double decker bambucha version to balance out the spam/rice ratio, too, lol!

    • Jenny

      Oh yes! I buy that big jug of hawaiian bbq sauce and used it for the spam musubis…so good! I was tempted to put two slices of spam but decided to be good. You know what else I like about this? A WHOLE SHEET OF NORI. I love nori…hahaha

  4. kat

    ooh I’ve seen these on IG…will need to buy some spam to try:)

  5. This is so easy and I always wished my spam musubis had more nori.

    Thanks for sharing!!!

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