The Day the Hot Dog Betrayed Me…

Oh you read that right. During my trip to Korea, in a crowded Edae Shopping Street…I met my match. A nice old Korean man was selling corn dogs covered with crinkle fries out of a cart. Let me repeat that, CRINKLE FRY ENCRUSTED CORN DOG. I had to get it. I did. You know what else I got? For those who have a faint heart, avert your eyes now. Diarrhea. This dang corn dog was not cooked enough. As I ate it, I thought it had melted cheese in the middle with the hot dog. Oh. That was raw batter. I suffered! Then I had to look up diarrhea medicine in Korean to show to a pharmacy. And yes, it’s just like the Korean dramas! You walk into the pharmacy store and get whatever medicine you need! I thought that was pretty cool. 🙂 The pharmacist who helped me was very nice.

140506-01Scene of the crime

140506-02Doesn’t that look good? 🙁 Why did you have to hurt me so corn dog?