Nature Republic – Peeling Foot Mask

This is the opposite of a food post. Any guys who read this post can go ahead and ignore this post but if you are interested in magic, read on! Hahaha. So I love the new Nature Republic store, it’s another Korean cosmetics company that is now in Hawaii. I think I enjoy their products more than Face Shop for what that’s worth. Anyhow, the store I like to go to is the Ala Moana location, it’s right next to Center Stage…I think it took over the Cathedral store.

The Lemon peeling foot mask instructs you to put on the plastic booties that have a water liquid in it. You leave it on for 60-90 minutes. I left it on for 90 minutes because my feet are BAD. Can you walk around with it? I say yes you can, but I would limit that. I didn’t want to puncture the booties and the liquid in the socks are really like water so easily to come out. After you keep them on for the 60-90 minutes, you rinse it off and go about your life. According to the package, your feet will start to peel in 4 days and continues up to 7 days after use.

I was super skeptical about it, who wouldn’t be?? Why does it start peeling after 4 days? Did they mean I have to use this 4 days straight?? Well the answer is, no you don’t use it for 4 days straight and yes, IT DID START PEELING AFTER 4 DAYS. It’s super weird to witness. My feet really looked the same for the first few days. Then 4th day, boom – peeling! I showed some coworkers the day after and they both said gross so like of course I didn’t wanna take pictures to show. They did say, while they thought it gross…they meant it in a good way cause they were surprised by it too!

It doesn’t hurt at all. Believe me. And underneath the peeling comes some nice baby skin. So it peels around your toes, and the entire bottom of your feet and heels. I really suggest you give it a try, it’s so cool. The bad thing? Your feet are peeling…so yeah…they are peeling, I think you can picture that.

140311-01This mask costs $5.90 – what a steal! I’ve seen similar ones at Don Quijote and they cost like nearly $20.