Work has been nuts. Like nuts. Like Planters got nothing on me. It’s nice being busy because the time just goes so fast but that’s also bad because I feel like I no can finish what I gotta do. Guess what I decided to do folks. I’m going to take another graduate course – these classes take up a lot of time but I think I can do it. It’s a benefit working from working there so I might as well take advantage. I hope that I can keep up with the blogging as I take class! I don’t know how much I’ll be eating out – definitely not as much so I hope you folks don’t mind other types of updates.

School is back in session on Monday! Who’s ready for the traffic? I sure am not. I can’t believe we’re heading into Fall again! But that means we’re getting closer to Christmas – my favorite season! Anyhow, I hope you folks are having a great weekend so far!


Beautiful succulent I received for my birthday! It’s in a handmade ceramic vase – isn’t it pretty? I will try my best to keep it alive…hahaha

Handmade Cards

Thank you so much Jalna for being so awesome and generous. I received handmade cards from her and they are absolutely beautiful! So beautiful that I don’t even want to give them away – so I won’t, hehe. People won’t appreciate the work that was put into it like me! I’m sure you folks already know her link but in case you don’t, here is her blog! Thanks for the awesome cards and for being an awesome person, truly!

140821-01What nice handwriting too. My chicken scratch got nothing on her.


Thanks a million!