Lanikai Beach – Kailua, HI

I went to Lanikai Beach for the first time ever about a week ago. It was an amazing visit. So restful and peaceful! I went out to Kailua super early in the morning to try Boots and Kimo and headed over to the beach right afterwards. I snagged a sweet parking spot in the residential area (not illegally!) and walked over to the beach. This is the cleanest beach I have ever been to. The sand is so fine, it felt great! Through the course of the morning, I found that fine sand wasn’t the best in some regards. I think I still have sand in my bag – it’s so hard to clean out! But I would love to come back here again one day. I stayed about 3 hours.


140118-02There were very little people on the beach when we arrived. It was great!

140118-03The sun trying to peek through. Great day.