Red Lion Amaryllis

My shop of choice? Target. My mission? Clearance items. I love when major holidays are over because that means all the seasonal items go on sale! I found this awesome red lion amaryllis bulb kit from Target on clearance for $8! I thought having the vase/pot was good enough! I’ve never had a green thumb so I figured I would kill this plant before it bloomed. To my surprise, I have nurtured it to fruition! I planted it around new years and it is currently blooming. It is so beautiful! I can’t believe I nurtured it to this point! I just wanted to share (brag) about it today.

150126-01Wish I took a picture of it when it was just a bulb in the soil. Look at how tall it gets! I am in awe each time I come home from work.



150126-04Boom! Beauty shot. Here is the first bloom, isn’t it beautiful??

150126-05I’ll probably share again once the other ones bloom as well!