Japan 2015 Day 4 – Disneyland

Day 2 of Disney! We were pretty excited for this day. We even left DisneySea a bit early the day before to rest up for today. I was excited to see what Disneyland had to offer. We had a great time at DisneySea so I figured Disneyland would offer the same experience. Well, the staff and sights were definitely great. Like I shared before, we expected more Tsum Tsum stuff here but the stores basically sold the same items as the stores in DisneySea! The lines were once again super long, some of them were 3 hours long! Good thing I don’t ride rides.

150421-01Time to head into the happiest place on earth! Wait, does that apply to all Disney sites??

150421-02I loved seeing all the balloons! How fun is the job of the girl who gets to hold the huge bunch of balloons? The Disney castle can be seen as we walked in. Disneyland was definitely busier than DisneySea.



150421-05New Orleans! Cute stuff. Wish I could go up there and take pictures…hehe

150421-06Another ride I could handle. It’s a Small World. Can I just say that those dolls are some kind of creepy? It was an…interesting ride.


150421-08My first Japan Cherry Blossom experience was at Disneyland! Maybe it IS the happiest place on earth! It was the only trees in bloom on the entire property but they were SO pretty. I was very happy to have seen them!

150421-09Sorry, so many pictures of flowers. I didn’t take much pictures of the park!

150421-10I did of course take pictures of the castle. Who wouldn’t?? It’s so beautiful and looks just like the one before Disney movies. Enchanting.


Do you know what this is? It’s a popcorn holder. Every park had different stations with different popcorn flavors and different character containers to hold the popcorn. You could of course buy popcorn to eat out of a paper bag but who does that at Disney?? I was too tempted and finally bought this. It was so cute. And yes, I wore it proudly around my neck. I’ll share more about this popcorn container along with the food in the next post!