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Hey folks! Boy it was nice having some trade winds this weekend. I wish we had weather like this all the time, would make Hawai’i perfect. Well I’ve had a sweet tooth for the past few days, it gets like this every month if you get my drift. I hope your team won the Superbowl today but it looks like a majority of my feeds were mad about the win. Just wanted to share a hodgepodge of updates today!

150201-01Remember when I shared my thoughts on these feet soaks in the past? I’ve tried the Nature Republic pack before in this post. I’ve been looking for it ever since but it’s like they stopped making it! Or stopped shipping them here. So I finally decided to try The Face Shop version. It was pricier and less effective. How disappointing. There definitely was peeling but nowhere as much as Nature Republic. I do not recommend this.


150201-04Sorry to follow that with a picture of food. I tried this last week from 7-11. Sounded good. It tasted okay, nothing special. Also had a stick of takuan in it…which was nice for the crunch.

150201-02Full bloom! Yay! The buds all bloomed beautifully. Now I have to start cutting off the dead flowers. A bit sad but I really enjoyed it as it bloomed. Not sure how to care for this post bloom. I think I read somewhere that I am supposed to cut down the main stems down and keep it as a regular plant. If I take good care of it, I think it blooms again next winter! I guess we will see! The stems and blooms got so heavy that I had to tape them all together.

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  1. Nancy

    Hi Jenny. I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time, and I appreciate all of the foodie tips you provide. I even went to Nature Republic to look for those feet soak packs after you mentioned it, but couldn’t find it either. Anyhow, I was treating my feet tonight and remembered you mentioning that the new ones you found didn’t work as well, so I wanted to share with you something I’ve learned for getting those rough white scales off my feet. I use Vick’s Vap-o-Rub, or the generic ones they have at Long’s (CVS Chest Rub). I apply it to the areas I want to treat after my bath, then put socks on and keep them on overnight. The next morning, most of the white is gone and if there’s any remaining, I would just repeat the process the following night. The best thing about it is, it’s cheap! Hope it works for you, too!

    • Jenny

      Hi Nancy! Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! I always appreciate it. I am pretty sure Nature Republic just stopped making those foot masks so I wish the sales people would just say so! They keep changing product lines and it’s driving me bananas! Once I find something I like, I can’t find it on my next visit! And wow, what a great and cost effective tip! I am definitely going to give this a try!! Thanks for sharing!

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