Two Kinds of Fried Rice

Happy Saturday everyone! Isn’t it great? It’s been a busy week so I totally passed out at like 8:30 last night. No joke. Anyway, major cleaning going on today. I guess it’s good to get spring cleaning done early. Anyway, I just wanted to share a quick update. We had a big event the other week and had a LOT of rice leftover. I decided to make two types of fried rice for the office. Why two types? It’s because one of them had harm ha in it. For those who don’t know, harm ha is fermented shrimp paste and it is PUNGENT. I thank my coworkers for bearing with me and the smell of the harm ha. Although to be honest, it became the more popular choice! Mmm…just thinking about harm ha now…

140503-01There’s the spread of ingredients

140503-02Popping the garlic, ready for the harm ha

140503-03It gets a bit crazy when you’re making fried rice so I didn’t get anymore prep shots in. Here is my homestyle Chinese fried rice. It includes harm ha and choy sum. Absolutely delish! Not sure how many people would be interested in this recipe. Once again, if you are – let me know and I’d be more than happy to share!

140503-04I didn’t even get an after shot of the kimchee fried rice! And I got super lazy with this recipe, I didn’t even chop up the kimchee. I used the Chongga Kimchi I bought from Costco. It was all right but not good enough for my kimchee fried rice…gotta get Queen’s Supermarket Kimchee for the best kimchee fried rice!

3 responses to “Two Kinds of Fried Rice

  1. Arlene

    Your set up with the giant wok is impressive. Wow, that’s a whole lot of fried rice! My fav would probably be the Chinese style fried rice too! Looking forward to more posts from you!

    • Hahaha gotta cook with a giant wok – I’m not Chinese otherwise. 🙂 Glad you like the Chinese style fried rice too! I wonder if any Chinese restaurants serve it with harm ha…and thanks for reading!!

  2. lance

    Wow!!! I haven’t had Harm Ha Fried Rice in ages. Forgot what it taste like. Would you mind sharing your recipe? Mahalos……..

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