Vegetable Shot

The one time I’ve tried V8, I think I spit it out. I heard there’s a spicy version now but I am still not convinced to try it. Last week, Don Quijote had this Ito-en Vegetable/Fruit Juice on sale. I saw an older man stocking up on the juice a couple weeks back so I was super curious. The label says that it doesn’t add any sugar or sodium to the drink, so all the sugars that are in this come naturally from the fruit. How’s the taste? Delicious! Addicting. I could drink a lot of this but I don’t think I should drink it like water. Anyhow, just wanted to share about it in case anyone wanted to try it!



2 responses to “Vegetable Shot

  1. N

    I’ve been curious about it too. The Japanese and Korean markets have all this interesting juice and sodas but don’t know how they taste. I go try one when it’s on sale. Thanks for the 411. Oh and COSTCO still has the beets too….just that I’m all ‘beet out’ right now.

  2. jalna

    Iiiiiinteresting! I think I did the same thing when I tried V8 too.

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