Welcome Back

A puzzle I started during the pandemic that I definitely finished
(no, I didn’t).

How’s that? I just welcomed myself back and this isn’t even a full post. How are you folks doing out there? I know it’s been a long time – and I hope you are all taking care during this neverending pandemic. I am trying to hold on as well. I do have to be honest before I continue, I’ve been dealing with some health things these past few months and I’ve really been through the wringer. Not to worry, nothing life threatening (well let’s not make it life threatening).

Anyway, in a bid to take better care of myself – I’ve been playing around with recipes to eat better. I’m trying to make realistic changes in my life so that I can keep to this lifestyle versus fad diets that are bound to fail. The past 3 months or so have been the lowest so I definitely lost all motivation to do much of anything…but I’d like to say I am turning the corner a bit.

Anyway, I haven’t stopped eating…that’s the point of this post! Yes, I try to eat healthy during the week but I still try to eat some ono food on the weekends. Got plenty of recipes to post and of course good eats. For those who have stuck around and are reading this post, thank you. I just bought a new laptop so I should be able to post easier and more frequently. Take care guys…new post soon!

8 responses to “Welcome Back

  1. Vickinags

    Welcome back! Looking forward for your cooking and dining
    Glad you’re trying to take care of yourself

  2. Arlene

    Welcome back, Jenny! I hope you are on the mend and doing better health wise. I know how tough it is to eat healthy consistently (sigh), but since you like to cook, I think you can make easy modifications and still enjoy good meals. Take care!

    • Jenny

      Thanks so much Arlene! One of the things I missed about blogging was interacting with you, so glad you stuck around! Thank you for your caring thoughts, I have good and bad days but I am doing much better lately. Health wise much better, I think it was my mental health that took a beating too. Yes! Definitely trying to make better choices in the ingredients I use to cook, just no ask me what I ate tonight. Hehe…

  3. kat

    glad you are back! hoping everything will be better. looking forward to your posts.

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