Lucky Belly – Chinatown, HI

I got to get this story out before I start the post. I was so shaken this morning because an elderly man almost hit my car. I was driving straight on a road that had two lanes going in both directions. Suddenly as I’m driving, this silver corolla comes out of nowhere into my lane about to hit me. He must have drove out of a lot from the other side, cut two lanes and trying to get into my lane. I had to swerve and hit my brakes HARD. I kept beeping him and he didn’t even seem to realize what he did and even hear my beeping. That really shook me up, I hate slamming on my brakes, I feel like I am breaking my car. Then as we’re driving, I change into the right lane and guess what? HE DECIDES TO LANE CHANGE INTO MY CAR AGAIN. I couldn’t believe it. I was hopping mad and I just kept beeping like a mad woman and he finally realizes it and goes back into his own lane. God, I just sped up like a devil to get away from this man.

I know this sounds terrible but I feel like when people get to a certain age, they shouldn’t be allowed to drive. I know I’ll want to drive as long as I can but he was making a lot of poor decisions and didn’t even hear my loud beeps. It was crazy and I still feel shaken up right now from what happened. Sorry for the rant, I am just super bothered.

My real post today is sharing a meal we had at Lucky Belly recently. We were celebrating Administrative Professionals Day and our secretary wanted to eat here so there we were! The food was good but I would recommend going during their dinner service. Their lunch menu is extremely limited. I have a funny story about this. So we had one person pay the entire bill and collected from everyone afterwards. As we were calculating afterwards, we realized we totally jipped them on tip. Felt terrible so I offered to drive out to give them the rest of the tip. Ummm…the guy who got received the tip had a very whatever reaction to it. Why do I allow my morals to dictate my actions?? Oh yeah, because it’s the right thing to do. Monotone reactions aside, I am fine because it was the right thing to do. Well, let’s get to the pictures!

150621-01Lucky Bowl ($9) – bean sprouts, soft egg, wakame, sesame seeds, green onion & ginger



150621-04Belly Bowl ($14) – Lucky bowl contents plus belly, bacon & sausage

I got the belly bowl. It was not great. I think the pork made the entire bowl too rich. The soup itself is already pretty strong so adding all this sausage, bacon AND pork belly is just too much. I wouldn’t get this one again.


150621-06Karaage Chicken Sandwich ($11) – Served with jalapeño namasu slaw & cilantro mustard. What a deal! My coworker enjoyed it!


150621-08Shrimp Gyoza ($11) – comes with edamame avocado puree & ponzu. This dish was okay, nothing special. The avocado puree is….interesting. I wouldn’t get it again.


150621-10Pork Belly Bao ($9) – comes with sake hoisin & pickled cucumber. I’m pretty sure $9 was only for two of them, our tables ordered two orders. This was good! Good buns which makes a big difference!

All in all, I think Lucky Belly is more for the young crowd after work. Definitely recommend coming for dinner over lunch. They also don’t take reservations for lunch so I suggest going right when they open if you have a big party. We came with our list of orders ready to go which they appreciated.