21 Steps Kitchen + Bar – Whistler, BC

21 Steps Kitchen + Bar was one of the restaurants we went to for dinner in Whistler. It’s a cute little place and yes, there are 21 steps to get up to the restaurant! Not the stairs pictured here but inside the place, I counted on the way up. 🙂

It’s a cute eatery and as you can see we were one of the first diners there. No worries, the place filled up real quick after we started dining. I’m a senior citizen diner as you know. During the off season (which is when we were there), they offer a prix fixe menu. That’s what we went with! $44 for the 3 course meal, with upcharges if you decided to go a little fancier. 🙂


Sangria is one of the few drinks I can drink. And it was delish! Did I have two drinks this night? One of the nights I did…lol

Basket of Warm French Bread | $6.00 (CAD)
with housemade garlic butter

Yup, you gotta pay for bread but hey, they give you a lot! We had so much food, probably didn’t need this bread. But it was good bread and who can resist garlic butter?

Garlic Chili Prawns | $21.00 (CAD)
scallions, peanuts and crispy wontons

I’m giving you folks the ala carte prices but these dishes were all included in the $44 three course meal. Can hardly tell where the prawns are yeah? They’re GREEN. The dish was good! I liked that they had asian dishes on the menu!

Tiny Bacon Wrapped Beef Filets | $21.00 (CAD)
horseradish aioli

Not my dish but it was enjoyed. Can you go wrong with meat wrapped with bacon? I’m not a bacon fan so I didn’t partake.

Braised Boneless Beef Short Rib | $35.00 (CAD)
leek, shallot and red wine demi sauce with crispy onions

My entree! Yum! Delish. And it came with rice, I think it was brown rice. Not at all sticking to each other, I have a not so nice phrase for this kine rice but I won’t share it here. The dish was super good! I really enjoyed it.

12oz. Ribeye Steak | $50.00 (CAD) – $13.00 (CAD) upcharge for prix fixe menu
chipotle garlic butter and crispy onions

Oh yum. Another winner dish. I was too full to try it that night but when we heated up the leftovers the next day to eat, I thought it was great! And even reheated tasted great.

Creme Brulee | $13.00 (CAD)

Not my dish but it was enjoyed! Think it would have been nice to included some berries on top.

Raspberry Sorbet

I was too stuffed so I wanted a dessert that was somewhat light. This was nice! I think the usual menu comes with the sorbet and chocolate mousse, I wouldn’t be able to do that with our meal this night! The meal was lovely! I would definitely return in the future!

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  1. That looks so ono! And a pretty good deal, too. Stairs are one of my least favorite things. Especially going down. It’s a senior peeve.

  2. kat

    looks delicious!

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