This aloha friday couldn’t┬áhave come fast enough. It’s been a pretty junk week for me…real junk. I also had a class presentation tonight and I woke up feeling sick. I think I did okay for the presentation. I got my major points out – I felt nervous but got through it fine I think. Just glad it’s over. Now I gotta think of my other presentations. I think my next one for this class will be more of an activity so I won’t have to talk the whole time. Yes! I hope you folks had a good week though. I’ll share a nice and serene picture I took a few weeks back.

140919-01Nice yeah? Filter and nice font later. This is shot from Makapu’u Lighthouse Trail.


You didn’t think I would leave you without some food pics right? Another dish I tried from 711 recently. Not too shabby!

140918-02I didn’t know this was there…but look! A sheet of plastic on top! I think it’s to help the cream sauce from burning when you heat it up. That’s just my guess…I hope it doesn’t give me cancer!


How was it? Pretty good! This picture makes it look kind of lumpy huh? It wasn’t…the noodles were still pretty firm and the sauce was nicely preserved!

2 responses to “ALOOOOHA

  1. Arlene

    Maybe you woke up feeling sick because you were nervous about your presentation? Well, it’s all over with now so you can RELAX!

    I tried the 7-11 chicken alfredo pasta a few weeks ago, was surprisingly good. The newest thing I tried from 7-11 was the pancit with baby shrimp. It was kinda ehhh-ok. I’m spoiled because the only other pancit I’ve had was homemade by my friends or their moms so store bought pancit just doesn’t compare.

    • Jenny

      Maybe you’re right Arlene! First presentation for a class in a loooong time.

      Oh I know what you mean. I had fresh lumpia once from a family recipe and it was so amazing. Nothing can beat it! I know not to try the 711 pancit now…haha

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