Spicy Cold Soba – Yajima-Ya

This food truck is great. The last time I came here, I tried their mushroom chicken and thought it was good but a bit salty (Previous Yajima-Ya Post). During my recent visit, it was hot as all heck and I needed something cold to cool me down. I tried their spicy cold soba and I gotta say, there’s no turning back now. It was exactly what I was looking for!


Umm…droool. I am so wanting a bowl as I write this post. Can you see the ingredients in this? The mixed vegetables (great!), kimchee (ah weak sauce in terms of spice), kakiage (actual chunks of shrimp!), oh so soft thin slices of beef. I think it was beef, was pretty sure. Super soft and flavorful…ahh…

140917-02They packed the tsuyu separate which is great. Mine leaked but I blame it more on how we transported back more than anything else. We didn’t have AC at work for half the day today and this bowl of deliciousness would have really hit the spot. Look, I got a green onion hooked onto my chopstick. I don’t know how I do it, but I manage it every time…lol. Have a good one folks.

4 responses to “Spicy Cold Soba – Yajima-Ya

  1. jalna

    Looks soooo good. And that mushroom chicken on your previous post . . . OMG. Wouldja believe that I work nearby but never went there?

  2. Arlene

    I finally tried their mushroom chicken and it was so yummy! That spicy cold soba is next on my list.

    My company won’t pay for ac on holidays even though over 60 people have to work (tourism industry) and it’s inhumane because we don’t have windows we can open!! But unfortunately our property manager has his head up his okole.

    • Jenny

      Hey Arlene!

      It’s a great quality food truck yah? Let me know how you like the spicy soba!

      Oh gosh that’s terrible. If they make you work, they should turn on the AC. That’s literally a sweat shop situation. Haha

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