Brug Bakery

Have you tried the new Brug Bakery in Shirokiya yet?  When they first opened, it was pandemonium!  The line was neverending and people were limited to like two pieces per person.  I came by on a weekday for lunch recently and decided to check out their goods.  I bought a half loaf of their regular white bread.  It definitely is pricey, the half loaf cost about 6 dollars but each slice is big and thick!

131028-01Toasted Brug bread with tuna salad and cranberries

How’s the bread?  DELICIOUS.  I can see why it costs what it costs.  You can taste a lot of good quality ingredients and they must have bread baking down to a perfect science.  I toasted the bread a bit so it was crispy yet still soft inside.  Perfection.  And then since I was still on the tuna kick, I added tuna and cranberries on top.  I bought like this huge bag of cranberries at Costco because it was on sale.  Costco is dangerous.


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  1. jalna

    6 bucks for half a loaf!! Whoa! But your toast does look deeeelicious!

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