711 Pasta Salad

I noticed this new pasta salad at 711 the other day and decided to try it for dinner.  I don’t have a full picture of this but at the bottom of this dish is cooked spaghetti noodles.  I don’t know why they put a white sauce on the noodles – it’s a cold pasta salad.  I’m guessing it’s mayonnaise but I’m not sure.  On the top of the spaghetti is a small container of dressing (I assume it’s oriental dressing), some salad greens and a few pieces of what tasted like Korean chicken.  Here’s a picture.


Looks pretty good huh?  It was all right.  I think the mayonnaise keeps the pasta moist so it won’t stick together.  The chicken was…not great.  It was cold and hard…so a bit rough.  All in all the salad was good but not something I would return for.

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  1. jalna

    Good to know. Thanks!

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