Char Hung Sut – Chinatown, HI

Char Hung Sut is located in a super safe neighborhood and serves up awesome food. April Fools! Okay only about the super safe neighborhood part. You gotta admit, Char Hung Sut’s location is in a less than desirable location but the food makes it well worth the trip. Can you believe I have never tried it until about a month ago? I’m definitely a fool for that. Everything I have had here has proven to be awesome. It’s also helpful that I go super early before work so I can just park on the street and jump in…free meter parking! I was amazed by the person who helped me. I think he’s the owner’s grandson. I ordered all kinds of stuff in random numbers and he magically added them all up on a piece of paper manually…then added tax all in his head. I was amazed. Then again, I’m terrible at math so anything would amaze me. He had talent!

140401-01Love the packaging. It’s becoming like a theme huh?

140401-02Taro Cake. Look at how thick this was! Definitely not the kind of taro cake I’m used to, but I’m not complaining. I thought it was interesting that they had a black bean sauce in it.

140401-03Look at all these nummies; pork hash, half moon and yip chai (with pork)!

140401-04Here’s the filling of the yip chai. Delicious. It’s also the same filling in the half moon – so good!

140401-05Chow Fun – $6.25

140401-06The most flavorful “haole” chow fun I have ever had. I call any chow fun haole if its not dark like the Chinese ones. This was SO good…so much flavor packed into these noodles. The garlic chives make a big difference. Definitely winners.

4 responses to “Char Hung Sut – Chinatown, HI

  1. Hi Jenny, My wife and I were there on Wednesday. How odd is that? Pat

  2. Arlene

    They have the best Mai Tai Soo! I have an appointment near downtown coming up and I’m planning a Char Hung Sut detour!

    • I have not tried their mai tai soo! Gosh, I haven’t had those in years. I hope you get some good grinds at Char Hung Sut! You’re making me want to return to get the mai tai zoo…:)

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