Dim Sum More

Not much to update on this post.  I did want to share a small pet peeve of mine and it involves driving.  There are times when you reach a stop light and there are two lanes, one that goes straight or turns left and the right lane turns right.  Well the general rule is, if the car in front of you is wanting to turn left – you can usually go around that car into the right lane to go straight ahead.  Actually now that I think about it, I don’t know if that’s exactly a rule but people do it.  Now, if the car in front of you is for sure turning with his/her signal on – I say go ahead and go right around him/her.  Today, I was the second car at the stop light and we both were going straight.  I see the truck behind me pull up into the right lane and just sits there.  That ticks me off.  I must warn you though, I do get road rage.  Anyhow, I didn’t do much of anything.  The car in front of me and myself, we went straight right when the light turned green.  And no, I did not let that truck cut in front of me.  Why should I?  Pretty sure he was pissed about it but I didn’t care.  Honestly, we all have places to go so just follow the rules buddy.

Okay, I will end this post with two pictures of my dim sum favorites.  I also love baked custard buns but I don’t have a picture to share of it right now.


Delicious Siu Mai.  I don’t know how pork hash has become so different when it is served in a Chinese restaurant versus any place else.  My favorite comes from a legit Chinese restaurant.


Custard Tarts.  Another specialty that is very different from the American counterpart.  I much prefer the Chinese version as well.

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