Ewha Womans University – Seoul, Korea

So I woke up this morning with a bad migraine and decided to stay home to nurse it.  By lunchtime, my headache was gone so I decided to go to a store to browse for a gift.  I brought along my little brother and we had a nice and leisurely walk through the store.  I was in such good spirits.  Then as I was browsing in an aisle, I see this elderly Japanese man coming my way.  He is very old and moving slowly and starts to walk around me.  As he was walking by me, I start to walk and continue walking.  Suddenly, I hear him yelling something and I see a woman right behind him so I thought he was yelling for her.  I see that she’s not answering him and look back at him and realize he’s yelling at me.  He’s yelling in a very angry tone…Lady!  Lady!  So when I look at him, he points to something at the ground and says very angrily, when you drop something, you need to pick it up.

I’m completely fine with it at first.  I really didn’t realize I knocked something over so I walked over and told him matter of factly that I didn’t realize I dropped it and picked it up and put it back and he is looking at me as if I had just murdered someone.  I wish I were overreacting!  The lady who was behind him and I met eyes as I was walking back and she was like telling me, what is his problem?  I can’t believe that.  She was genuinely offended and I just brushed it off and told her, nah he’s just a cranky old man (lol!) and just went on in my business.  You know, if she hadn’t been there to witness and comment – I wouldn’t have through twice about it.  But as the day as passed, I realize it did bother me.  I didn’t appreciate the tone he took with me and honestly it was really rude but I think it was his look that really got to me, I don’t know what his problem was.  Ah well, what can you do.

Let me try to post some pictures that bring me to a happier place.  In Korea, we decided to check out a college populated shopping street off the Ewha station.  I came with no knowledge of this school but when I hit the end of the shopping street – I was amazed by its beauty!  It made me wish I were back in school, that’s quite a feat!



The sun was setting which made the school glow all the more...

The sun was setting which made the school glow all the more…


Also, when I started taking pictures - everyone was leaving!  Perfect photo-op!

Also, when I started taking pictures – everyone was leaving! Perfect photo-op!

The view of the shopping street from the school...

The view of the shopping street from the school…

Another cute part of this visit was that while we were admiring the school, we spotted a smartly dressed young man across the street holding a cute bouquet of flowers.  He was waiting for a girl!  We went into full stalker mode and stood there waiting “with” him, I was so excited to see her reaction!  I started to get worried at one point because the crowd was emptying out.  Then, finally at like the last moment – I see a girl run towards him and they start walking off.  She hits him playfully and bashfully and it was a perfect end to my shopping day!  Okay that story helped me feel better from today too…hehe


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