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There’s a feeling I can’t shake tonight and since it’s bothering me, I just wanted to share it out. I just feel so bothered. Sometimes I have lunch with a friend during my lunch hour and she comes to campus and parks in my parking stall as I drive us out to our destination of choice. When I come back, she leaves and I take my spot back. It’s not exactly against the law but certainly used for my convenience.

Parking at my work is a nightmare. Our parking lot is always full and always has cars sitting on the side waiting to pick kids up. Anyway, I return today and there were two cars in the lot stopped on the side. Both cars are parked past the stall. My friend gets in her car as I am sitting before this stall with my blinker on. When she drives off, I back into the stall. So as I’m backing into the stall, I see the driver lady’s arms go up in anger in the car that is 4 stalls away from me. But honestly, they were past this stall and just sitting there so how was I to know? As I’m finishing my parking, her male passenger gets out of the car and starts yelling at me. I hate confrontation and I certainly don’t appreciate a male yelling at a female over a parking stall. He yells something about them waiting for such a long time in the lot. I don’t get out of the car but I decided to be cool about it and say that I’m going to move my car. He doesn’t hear me obviously cause my windows are up and he yells WHAT at me like with such anger and disdain…I didn’t care to aggravate the situation so I move my car and start looking for another stall. We all pay money for permits to park in our zone and there were stalls available outside of this specific lot but I guess they refused to park farther. I found a stall right outside of this lot and walked back to work, they had already parked and left their vehicle. Thank god, I didn’t want to run into them.

Anyway, I’m glad I did what I did. I don’t think I was even wrong in the beginning, isn’t it the rule that if you’re past the parking stall that frees up, it’s no longer your spot? I guess I feel unsettled because I didn’t appreciate the confrontation and the fact is, we now continue to share the same parking lot. I feel uneasy and really hope nothing comes of it. If any type of revenge is exacted on my car from today events, I think I’ll really reach a breaking point. It’s been such a hard few months and I’m just mentally and physically exhausted. Sorry for an all text and all venting post, I can’t even sleep thinking about this right now. My coworker unsettled me more after I got back telling me to watch out for them. Ahhhh! I tell myself that it should be okay since I did give them the spot, I just hope nothing further comes from this.

150220-02Okay, I lied. Not an all text post because I’m posting this picture again because I really love this picture and wish I could just fall into this snow and have a nice slumber (especially with this humid weather). Thanks Connie for the picture.

Healthy Bibimbap – Seoul, Korea

Can I start this blog off with a rant? Sorry guys, you can skip this paragraph if you want to go straight to the happy (I wouldn’t blame you!). Anyway, I finished work today and did my usual walk to my car and guess what I see? Someone had scratched my car. My new car. 🙁 The car I saved so hard for…has a big scratch on it. It looks like the person had opened his/her car door and let it fling open onto my door. There was white paint all over, luckily I got side body molding installed on my car so it’s the molding that got the grunt of the hit. Still hurts though and makes me sick since my car is only 2 months old. Sigh, wish the person left a note. Even if it was just a note that said sorry. I understand things like this can happen and it’s an accident. I think I sat on the curb in the parking lot for about 20 minutes because I was so mad/sad…lol. I feel a bit better now, not great but nothing I can do now right? No can change what’s done.

Oh! I forgot to wish everyone a Happy Easter! I hope you folks had a good one. I had a nice and restful one…had some cleaning too. Today’s entry will be sharing a nice meal we had before we hiked up to Namsan Tower. I don’t remember the name of this place but I am pretty sure it was a restaurant for tourists. They had a menu with…interesting English. We were able to order okay! I liked the food. I didn’t take much pictures because the waitress was a bit rude…


I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, banchan is EVERYTHING. The banchan here was amazing. Not sure what the top right dish is…but it was my favorite! Does anyone know?

140422-02Sometimes a nice bowl of tofu soup can be the cure all…

140422-03I usually don’t love the earthiness of this type of veggies – but these were great!  Tasted great.

140422-04Until we meet again – so delicious…

Rant and Rave

I’m just gonna start off with a rant and then end with a rave so it can be on a positive note. On Friday, I had a day off from work and decided to pick up my brothers from school and spend time with them and my cousin who was leaving back to school in Chicago. I may have mentioned this before but my brothers are very young and I could be their mother. Well if I had my kids early in life, then yes, I can be their mother. I’m not. So the first pick-up was for the youngest at the preschool. It was nap-time and I told the teacher I was picking up Jayson. She was very friendly, don’t get me wrong…but I still believe she was very rude. She asked who I was and I told her and then the questions started. First she asked how old I was, and sorry but I am now at the age where it is SUPER rude to ask me how old I am. I am pretty sensitive about my age now, haha. Then she just keeps going, so I basically have to share my life story about my father and him having kids with his new wife, etc. She bombards me with non-stop questions, where do I live, who else is in my family, majorly personal and sensitive questions. I’m not comfortable but I answer them because, get this, I don’t wanna be rude! So after the whole inquisition, she then says she has to check my ID to pick him up in case I’m kidnapping him or something (ha! sarcastically).  Then at the end she has the wonderful foresight to tell me that if I had a kid, my youngest brother would be an uncle.  Thank you for the information. I’m glad she had a laugh at her own rude joke.

Anyway, sorry that was the rant. Maybe I’m at that point of the month where I’m sensitive but I still think her personal questions were rude. I got the sense that the way she asked them were also judgemental. Sigh. Other than that I had a pretty good day off, can’t wait to share the pics with you! Let me share with you a picture from Lanikai last week!


Ewha Womans University – Seoul, Korea

So I woke up this morning with a bad migraine and decided to stay home to nurse it.  By lunchtime, my headache was gone so I decided to go to a store to browse for a gift.  I brought along my little brother and we had a nice and leisurely walk through the store.  I was in such good spirits.  Then as I was browsing in an aisle, I see this elderly Japanese man coming my way.  He is very old and moving slowly and starts to walk around me.  As he was walking by me, I start to walk and continue walking.  Suddenly, I hear him yelling something and I see a woman right behind him so I thought he was yelling for her.  I see that she’s not answering him and look back at him and realize he’s yelling at me.  He’s yelling in a very angry tone…Lady!  Lady!  So when I look at him, he points to something at the ground and says very angrily, when you drop something, you need to pick it up.

I’m completely fine with it at first.  I really didn’t realize I knocked something over so I walked over and told him matter of factly that I didn’t realize I dropped it and picked it up and put it back and he is looking at me as if I had just murdered someone.  I wish I were overreacting!  The lady who was behind him and I met eyes as I was walking back and she was like telling me, what is his problem?  I can’t believe that.  She was genuinely offended and I just brushed it off and told her, nah he’s just a cranky old man (lol!) and just went on in my business.  You know, if she hadn’t been there to witness and comment – I wouldn’t have through twice about it.  But as the day as passed, I realize it did bother me.  I didn’t appreciate the tone he took with me and honestly it was really rude but I think it was his look that really got to me, I don’t know what his problem was.  Ah well, what can you do.

Let me try to post some pictures that bring me to a happier place.  In Korea, we decided to check out a college populated shopping street off the Ewha station.  I came with no knowledge of this school but when I hit the end of the shopping street – I was amazed by its beauty!  It made me wish I were back in school, that’s quite a feat!



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