Fook Lam – Chinatown, HI

Fook Lam was a 50/50 chance. Why? Any Chinese restaurant that has good ratings on Yelp could be a restaurant that pleases the crowds and not necessarily the Chinese folk. I’ve gotten plenty flack from my friend who insists I take her to authentic Chinese restaurants so the pressure is on. She won’t let me forget a certain Chinese restaurant we went to…which I never claimed was authentic Chinese. Aiya, the pressures of being Chinese. Anyway, I finally got to try Fook Lam out a few weeks ago and I liked it. It’s located in the Chinese Cultural Plaza on the first floor facing River Street. The restaurant is clean and they get plenty good eats. The waitresses are fast and efficient and parking is validated. I haven’t been to Cultural Plaza since kid times so I didn’t realize how nice their parking lot is. I mean compared to the other places I have parked, their parking spaces are spacious! Let’s check out the food shall we?

140729-01Shrimp and Chive Dumpling – I prefer the pan fried one to the steamed one

140729-02Black Bean Spare Ribs – delish!

140729-03Shrimp Dumpling – good!

140729-04Seafood Roll – good as always. Always winnas.

140729-05Baked Custard Bun – These were fresh out of the oven and heavenly. One of my most favorite sweets…ever.

140729-06Siu Mai – I know pork hash isn’t loved by all…but I have always loved it. One of the dining companions commented that the skin on these dim sum dishes were great. Not hard and thick (don’t say it!) – just the right amount of softness.

140729-07Deep Fried Shrimp Balls – not bad, not great. I think you pay for the looks…hehe.


140729-08Short Ribs Look Fun – I saw this picture repeatedly on Yelp and just had to try it. Eh, it was alright. It wasn’t spectacular. It was just look fun mixed in with spareribs. Nothing special, glad I tried it but I won’t be ordering it again.

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  1. jalna

    Baked Custard Bun . . . never had it. Gotta keep it in mind next time. Everything looks good!

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