Frog House – Honolulu, HI

I’m just girl, blogging in front of the world, asking you to love Frog House. Nah, don’t love Frog House cause then I don’t want them to get so busy I cannot eat there. The parking is already a mess – but once you get past that, you’re good! Great food, great prices and just super super super love their banchan.

Look, Frog House is serious business about their banchan. And I have never had a bad banchan. And you know what? I’ve had banchan at other establishments and feel like they make it as an afterthought and that a lot of them turn bad quickly. I have never had that issue with the banchan at this restaurant, it is all made with love. They also randomly serve up different ones to different tables. I don’t know how they choose but I don’t mind either way. I was surprised she served up the little anchovies (?) to our table since we were like the only non-Koreans there but we ate em up!!!


I forgot the price – sorry! They usually serve this up with oysters too but oysters haven’t been good lately so they don’t serve it up with oysters anymore. They try to make it up by serving more pork. This dish will do but I do wish they would boil the pork up with seasoning. I think it makes a difference!!

Bibimbap | Lunch Special

Another one of my favorite meals from this restaurant. So good. So generous with all the veggies, they give you the sauce on the side so you can make it as spicy or mild as you want. I usually get so stuffed by bossam and banchan that I just take this home. Yummy…

This restaurant hits another cardinal rule, it had like all Korean customers. You know that means it’s GOOD.

8 responses to “Frog House – Honolulu, HI

  1. Vickinags

    I might have told you before that the original Frog House owner/cook was the same woman who ran Arirang BBQ in Kalihi near the canal across from HCC. But seems like Korean style is whenever they sell the restaurant, the new owners keep the name so seems like they’ve been there forever but it’s actually the 6th or 7th turnover. Think Han Yang by Diners ins Kalihi.
    Anyway, I”ve been wanting to try there for the longest time but yah, the parking so so terrible. I’ve been cheaping out getting the bossam from Palama. So cheap, but you do get what you pay for, LOL
    I have to make another effort to get to Frog House!

    • Jenny

      Yeah you told me! But this is new owner yeah? I love the current owners, I think the FOH is the owner! I want to just make bossam all day and sell it. But make the pork seasoned too.

  2. jalna

    OMG, your first line! Notting Hill. One of my favorite movies! I’ve never been to Frog House ’cause yah, the parking.

  3. Kat

    everything looked ono!

  4. I did a takeout after your recommendation years ago. Was REALLY good and they were so nice! Seemed more like they were local than Korean. Their kalbi meat was super soft and ono.

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