Frog House – Kaheka, HI

Yes, I’m back at Frog House. Yes, we had bossam again. Yes, I love this restaurant. Yes, this restaurant can never close down. But I got my friend to try a new dish with me that I tried with Chan last year. We usually order lunch specials but I got her to get this with me so we just shared it and ate it with rice! Oh my god, it was so good.

Complimentary Banchan

Find me a restaurant with better banchan. Forreal. LET ME KNOW AND I WILL GO.

Bossam | $34.95

I know, yeah yeah, we seen this before. YEAH AND WOT. Anyway, it was good as always lol. By the way V, my friend went to Jagalchi and tried the bossam and it was a big thumbs down. They serve it with raw napa cabbage leaves. RAW. That would be a big nope for me.

Stir Fried Webfoot Octopus & Pork Belly | $29.95

I’m salivating just looking at this again. Oh my gosh, it’s so good. Although honestly, a lot lot lot of onions. LOL, but still I think it’s so delicious and is paired so nicely with some hot white rice. My friend really enjoyed it too so now I can keep ordering it lol. Shoot, if I was ravenous, I could just get this dish myself and tell everyone to keep away.

8 responses to “Frog House – Kaheka, HI

  1. Kat

    nice everyone enjoys this, now you can keep ordering this 🙂

  2. Vickinags

    Hmmmm. I think I’ll get these for happy hour take out. Looks so ono!

  3. Doesn’t bossam come with unreal sauce? That is my favorite part of most dining out – the sauce.

  4. jalna

    Hahahahaha! You so funny!

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