Fun Station – Kaimuki, HI

Fun Station – cute name and I assume a play on the word fun. As in a type of noodle in Chinese. When they first opened, they were featured all over because of their “flying noodles.” Yes, we did order one and I will show you pictures! I’m going to be honest, I did not come into this restaurant with high hopes because I thought maybe the noodles were a bit of a kitschy thing and I didn’t think the food would live up to the hype. I am glad I came when the hype died down, so did it live up to the hype? Was it in fact…fun? Sorry, I had to sneak in the pun.

Fun Station is located in the Market City Shopping Center, sandwiched between Donut King and Gina’s Korean BBQ. Hard to miss!

Spicy Beef Look Fun in Soup | $14.85

I don’t know if you can tell from this photo because it looks like just a big giant red glob of stuff but it’s a huge bowl of noodles! It also comes with a look of good stuff in the soup! Tripe, beef, peanuts, etc. Just a lot of the good stuff you would find in I would call Szechuan cooking. The diner quite enjoyed this dish!!!

Crispy Spareribs Bucket Rice | $15.95

This is my dish, I didn’t feel noodle’y so I went for a rice dish. A true behemoth coming out of the kitchen to your table! Crispy spareribs, yes indeed. They bread it and deep fry it before drenching it in a nice savory sauce. There is a veggie medley (corn, peas and carrots) along with broccoli. Not a fan of the medley. And it comes with a LOT of rice. I mean it’s like almost the length of the bucket! One complaint about the rice? I don’t know how to say it but there was like a sweetness running through the rice. It wasn’t the sauce of the dish, it was almost like a sugar water? Pineapple water? I don’t know but I didn’t like it and I don’t know how to explain it if I had to order it again. Well I guess I don’t have to because they serve the spareribs as an appetizer too lol.

Beef Scallion Flying Noodles | $15.75

What a sight to be seen! Hard to explain it. There is a silver rod that comes out of the bowl that has two holes that the chopsticks go into. They then drape the noodles around the chopsticks so it looks like the noodles are flying. It’s pretty neat! You pull out the chopsticks and the noodles fall to the bowl. The waitress then came to remove the rod from the bowl so you can mix and enjoy! This dish was also enjoyed!

There are two different flying noodle dishes, one is signature flying noodles and one is beef scallion flying noodles. I was told the signature flying noodles contained like ground pork and is a bit spicy while the one we ordered has slices of beef and was not spicy. Just an FYI.

Spiced Fried Intestine | $16.25

Another dish people may be turned off by, intestines. But boy oh boy do I love intestines. I love getting a version of this dish from Chengdu but dare I say, I enjoyed it much more here! And I think it might be a bit cheaper too? (Yes, it is. I just checked – about $4 cheaper!). This was delicious, I would absolutely get this again!

6 responses to “Fun Station – Kaimuki, HI

  1. vickinags

    Glad you posted about this. 1st time I went, I really enjoyed it, everything was good. So, I went back again and this time was disappointed. I thought the noodles were overdone and I hate overcooked noodles!
    I guess that means it’s a hit or miss when you go. But, at those prices, kinda hate to go on a “miss” day!

  2. kat

    everything looked massive! but ono. I would get the spareribs, no rice:)

  3. jalna

    I love those flying noodles!

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