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Every year, my friend Kristian overdoes himself wrapping gifts.  And I’m not trying to sound negative by saying overdoes because he is insanely creative and talented at it!  So I can confidently say he is constantly on his game wrapping presents while I am a big mess.  This year, I thought of a cute way of wrapping his present which utilized my high school skills.  Back in high school, I loved created photo collages of my favorite singers/actors and used them as book covers.  I also used it in my old planners – if I ever dig them up one day, I will definitely post it!  So here is what I created:


Like a new car with the red ribbon…


Sorry this picture is a bit blurry.  I tried to keep the wrapping paper in shape to be like a poster.  Once I glued on all the pictures, I had to use the clear masking tape to “laminate” it.  So check this out.  I had two rolls left in the house and they were all kind of low…so I used them to laminate this poster.  So I had only one sliver of space left to cover and ran out of both rolls of tape.  That’s just my luck yeah?  Luckily I had time in the morning and ran over to Fishers.  Always love going to Fishers as long as it’s not back to school season.  I went to the Cooke Street location and it looks like they did some renovating.  The cash registers now have those moving belts…they still use the manual input cash registers though.  Here’s what got me, I don’t know how many of you are like me but I watch them ring my stuff up because they always get some prices wrong.  Who can blame the cashiers?  They have to memorize so many different sale prices!  Well their old registers always had the display as they punch in prices – now it’s gone!!  No display!  So I had to watch the guy key in on the key pad to be sure it’s right.  A little hint from me, if your item doesn’t have the price sticker on it…just take a picture of the sale tag with your smart phone.  Or if it’s on sale, take a pic with your smart phone.  It will save you a lot of time when they don’t know…just show em the pic!  🙂


Wrapped up and ready for the bow!!  10 points to Gryffindor if you can guess who this is.  🙂

2 responses to “Gift Wrapping

  1. Foodluva

    Just LOVE it! You are so creative and thoughtful. This is awesome and what a cute kdrama actor! Kristian has good taste!

  2. jenny

    Thanks foodluva! Yes and he’s aging so well. Kristian doesn’t like when I talk about him at all.

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