Art by Afi

I would like to share some recent pieces I purchased.  I like to call them art because they really are!  My coworker creates ceramic pieces in her free time and she does wonderful work.  Every year when we have our craft fair, she donates them to benefit a scholarship fund.  EVERYONE loves it and buys them.  I truly think she undermines her own skill, every piece is so pretty and creative.  Here are two pieces I bought this year.  And happy end of November everyone!  Can you guys believe it?  Did you guys go Black Friday shopping?  I went and my pants were inside out, I didn’t know until I was driving home.  I’m awesome.


The planter has slits on the bottom to let out excess water.  This one included the cactus!  Yay!

131130-02Another shot of the cactus before I kill it.  Yes, I will definitely kill it.  Not on purpose of course…

131130-03Cute little succulent plant and Afi art…:)

131130-04Looks kind of like cilantro.  Hehe… 

3 responses to “Art by Afi

  1. Foodluva

    You ARE AWESOME Jenny! Looove your Black Friday shopping story. Thanks so much for the hearty chuckle. I’m sure the shoppers were busy looking for deals than your inside out pants. —- the ceramic pottery is truly art pieces. Art by Afi looks great. She ahould consider naming her pieces – inspiration planter, hope bowl, etc. She’s quite talented. Thanks for sharing!

  2. jalna

    HAHAHAHA!! Sounds like something I would do. Love the pottery!

  3. jenny

    Foodluva: Glad you got a laugh during this gloomy weekend! The rain starts the minute I need to do laundry. And yah, I hang dry. Afi does great work and I really think she could make a living at it. 🙂

    Jalna: Glad to know we’re both not great with plants. But you are doing great with your plants now!

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